Thank you for visiting the official website of the Association of Social Reform (OPEK). Our website offers to each visitor a starting point for reflection and information, a cooperation tool. We believe that our efforts, your proposals and participation are essential.

OPEK (Association for Social Reform) aims to develop a constant dialogue on issues concerning foreign policy, Turkey’s European course, various aspects of the European integration, modernization of public administration, the liberalization of the economy, education in the context of the contemporary environment, new technologies and ecology. Primarily OPEK acts at a civil society level by establishing an open, transparent and pluralistic dialogue.

The ultimate objective is to strengthen civil society, an approach that the European Union actively promotes calling all Member States and stakeholders to give their support. In today’s society where knowledge is pervasive and technology is flourishing and easily accessible to all, globalization and multi- culturalism requires that citizens have the information necessary to enable them to take informed decisions and participate actively in various political and social procedures relating to their future.

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