Reference to Yiannos Kranidiotis

Book of historical record of Yannis Kranidiotis contributions was published by OPEK in cooperation with Intercollege Publishing and the support of Interlife and the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education. This is very important publication under the title ‘Reference to «Yiannos Kranidiotis» was introduced by the Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou.

16_116 +1 positions on modernization

The book «16+1 positions on modernization» is a significant contribution of the Association of Social Reform in the debate on new solutions to the problems of our society. Chronic rigidity, stagnation, decline practices affirm that the old political system has to be challenged creatively. This is why solutions with progressive content must have a strategic oriented to renew the institutional reforms of society and political life.


the_world_changingThe world is changing. Are we?

 Today, we are the second step of depositing specialized approaches on foreign and domestic policy. We consider this issue not as a mere continuation of the first («16+1 positions on modernization»), but as the most critical evidence of OPEK’s success. It is easy to start with an ambitious plan but difficult to continue with stability. In fact, a key element of stability is keeping the promise for continued search.


banking_b4_crisisThe Greek and Cypriot banking system before the economic crisis

education_and_the_futureEducation and the Future

opek_gives_the_floorOPEK gives the floor

EU_as_a_catalystThe EU as a catalyst for solving the Cyprus issue